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Tailored MES Solution(S.M.A.R.T.)

iDAE MedTech establishes long-term partnership with clients to provide customized Tailored MES Solution, covering a wide range of equipment with rich service content, guaranteed service quality, can fully meet the individual needs of the hospital


Tailored Service Scope

iDAE’s customized MES program,
Based on managed equipment services (MES) scheme,
Through research and analysis of the hospital, provide Tailor-made service portfolio for hospitals.

Professional Service standards

iDAE’s service standards,
Follow the relevant regulatory requirements for quality management of medical equipment
and international service standards.

Socialized service resources

iWorkshop, iPark, iSpace

Hospital Benefits

The key of iDAE's MES is management, including the management of HR, Spare-parts, Technology, Process, Service provider, Risk, Quality, and Asset. The aim is to help the hospital improve equipment management and equipment utilization efficiency, strengthen the hospital delicacy management, minimize the risk of equipment operating, reinforce medical quality control, and let the hospital focus on providing medical services

iDAE MedTech ’s solution helps hospitals improve the efficiency of the overall operation to save money, relieve trouble and improve efficiency.

Money Saving

More appropriate Contract/Service configuration

More reasonable technical service/spare parts price

Reduced risk, controlled cost, accurate budget

Trouble Relieving

One-stop service management, integrated service contract

Strategic relationship, years contract, long-term cooperation

Reliability improved and uptime increased

Efficiency Improving

Non-medical core business service outsourcing

Simplify procurement process

iPark platform